Welcome to the HBES 2019 abstract submission portal! Before providing information for your submission, please read the following information regarding the evaluation process. Abstracts can be submitted until February 28, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST.

Each talk submission will be evaluated by multiple members of the program committee. You will be asked whether your submission is intended for a talk, datablitz, or poster, and if your talk is part of a larger symposium. If your submission is not accepted for your 1st choice of format, then it will be evaluated for your 2nd and 3rd choice of formats (at your option).

Abstracts should be 200 words or shorter and written for a professional academic audience.  You will be asked to confirm if the data you report in your abstract have been fully collected or not (both answers are acceptable, please be honest).  You will be able to provide up to 3 links (to pre-registrations, supplementary materials, preprints, etc) that can be used by the program committee to help evaluate your abstract and can (at your option) be published with your accepted abstract.   If submitting as part of a symposium, make sure every submission for the symposium uses the same symposium title.

Note that, if we receive the same number of oral presentation submissions as HBES 2018 received, then we will accept fewer than 75% of those submissions as talks. We anticipate receiving more submissions, though. Based on our estimates of the available number of talk slots and the number of submissions, we anticipate accepting between 50% and 80% of submissions as talks.

If you would like to ask any questions about the submission process, please email hbes2019@hbes.com.

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